Research Activities

Novel high-performance solvers for wave propagation: fast, high-order and physically-faithful methods for the numerical analysis of partial differential equations governing linear and nonlinear wave phenomena in both the time-domain and in frequency-space (collaborations with Caltech, USA; INRIA Saclay, France; POEMS/ENSTA, France).

Ultrasonic guided waves in non-destructive testing (NDT): 3D modeling of laboratory experiments for the study of high-frequency elastic scattering in defective aluminum plates (collaboration with the Universidade de Vigo, Spain).

Seismic shock waves in tsunami hazard: modeling of the 2018 Palu earthquake for the study of the role played by supershear strike-slip ruptures on tsunami generation (collaboration with ENS Ulm, France).

Pulsatile flow waves in biomechanics: modeling of fluid-structure interactions for the study of heart-aorta dynamics and for the robust prediction of clinical indices (collaboration with the USC Keck School of Medicine, USA).